Talent, Celebrities and Management

Creative Lawyers acts for celebrity talent, performers, creatives, gamers, influencers, brand ambassadors, talent managers and talent agents across the creative, entertainment and hospitality industries, including musicians, actors, directors, writers, chefs and media professionals.

Talent, Celebrities and Management

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We recognise that our individual clients seek to maximise and diversify their commercial opportunities across new and emerging media channels and through content creation.

We look after the brand and reputation of our individual clients (from trade mark assistance to take down notices) and negotiate agreements to protect and commercialise their name, interests and content.


  • Advising celebrity TV hosts on contracts with broadcasters and TV networks
  • Working for the writing and directing team on an award-winning Australian feature film
  • Negotiating management deals for talent


  • Talent Management Agreements
  • Ambassador Agreements
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Influencer Services Agreements
  • Content Licences
  • Live Appearance Agreements
  • Actor Agreements
  • Life Rights Agreements
  • Book Publishing Agreements
  • Trade Mark Licences
  • Equity/Shareholder Agreements
  • Termination and Settlement Agreements
  • Post-Term Commission Agreements
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
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Need a contract drafted? Our checklists will help you get started! Our contract checklists and questionnaires help identify terms and issues to be addressed in agreements, registrations and other legal documents. They also create the most cost-effective method of providing us with the information we need to assist with your legal matters.
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