Our checklists help identify terms and issues to be addressed in various agreements, registrations and other legal documents.

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Music Agreement Checklists

When entering into any agreement in the music industry, it’s important to understand the standard terms that should be included in order to understand your rights and obligations. Performing Artists, Song Writers, Music Managers, Composers, Touring Artists, Music Producers, Session Musicians, Remixers, Sound Engineers, Booking Agents and other talent in the music industry must be clear on the legal implications of deals and agreements they enter into. It’s easy to run into trouble if you don’t take the time to properly establish the basics of any arrangement. These Music Agreement Checklists will help you understand terms that should be included in your music industry contacts!

Film, TV and Content Agreement Checklists

The Screen Industry in Australia is riddled with myths and misleading information in relation to ‘standard agreements’. Our Film & TV Agreement Checklists are designed to assist film & TV producers, directors, writers, actors, crew, contractors, freelancers and other talent in the screen industries. These will help you understand and navigate the terms you should include in the agreements and contracts you enter into, depending on your position and circumstances. Read our Film & TV Checklists to understand some of the terms that should be included in your Film & TV Industry Contracts!

Commercial & Corporate Agreement Checklists

Entertainment and Creative Industry businesses need to take care of their corporate and commercial contracts, including Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements and Employment Arrangements. It’s crucial that individuals and businesses working in creative fields or the entertainment industry consider the commercial issues that affect them, particularly business structures and employee entitlements. Our commercial and corporate checklists break down many of the terms that need to be included in the ‘boring’ but very important commercial aspects of your entertainment and creative businesses!

PR, Marketing and Advertising Contract Checklists

If you are predominantly a PR, Marketing or Advertising services provider, then it is critical for you to establish the terms of engagement with your clients - considering and balancing ownership and use matters, delivery requirements, delay and change of scope requests and payment and termination issues are all items that need to be considered and addressed in connection with drafting suitable contracts for your agency.

Employment & Services Contract Checklists

If you employ staff or engage contractors and suppliers in the creative industries, you will need employment agreements or contractor services agreements which are suitable for your specific needs, including balancing exclusivity, restraint and intellectual property-related matters in a manner which reflects your business, the relationships with your staff and the external activities your staff may engage in.

Art and Photography Checklists

If you’re an artist or photographer running your own business or working as a freelancer, it’s important that you set out your rights and obligations in a services agreement before you complete any work. Our checklists for artists and photographers assist identify the items and issues which should be addressed in your contracts.