Client Services Agreement Checklist


If you provide creative services to clients it’s important to have a Client Services Agreement.

Client Services Agreements are commonly needed for businesses engaging in content production, PR services, editing and intellectual property creation. A client services agreement sets out all the terms of the arrangement, including what precise services you’re providing, what fees are payable, how termination/cancellation can occur and what deliverables are required. If you would like us to draft a Client Services Agreement for you, start by filling out and submitting the checklist below. Your answers will help us create a custom Client Services Agreement to fit your individual needs. If you can’t answer certain questions, you’ll probably need legal advice, so just put ‘I don’t know’ or get in touch!

1. Business Activities and Parties to the Contract

A. What is your core business activity or client service offering (one sentence summary)?
B. What is the name, ABN and address of your business?
C. What is the name, ABN, address, contact person and email of the client?
D. What is the name and description of the project you're working on for your client?

2. Services

A. What services will you be providing to the client? (Be reasonably specific, e.g. a job description or scope of work).
B. When and/or for how long will the services be provided?
C. Where will the services be provided?
D. Will there be any specific reporting requirements?
E. Will you need any specific insurances, permits and/or licences to provide the services? If so, please provide details.

3. Deliverables and Dates

A. What materials/products/deliverables must be delivered to the client?
B. When must the deliverables be delivered? Is a delivery schedule required? If so, provide key dates or time frame structures for the delivery of the deliverables.
C. Are there any requirements or specifications for the deliverables? For example, any formatting or technical specifications or delivery methods (e.g. hard drives vs Dropbox).
D. Will you or the client be responsible for making all necessary equipment or materials available to complete the deliverables?

4. Fee, Payment Schedule and Expenses

A. Is there a fee/retainer? If so, what is it and how will the fee/retainer be calculated?
B. Will the fee be inclusive or exclusive of GST?
C. When will payment(s) be made? Will there be a payment schedule? If so, provide the deadlines and preferred structure of the payment schedule.
D. Will you be reimbursed for any expenses/costs?
E. Will further fees or costs be charged for additional edits/amendments/deliverables? If so, what are the rates for the additional services/deliverables?

5. Ownership and Control

A. Who will own and/or control materials created or developed by you (i.e. will the client own/control the materials/deliverables or will you retain ownership/control of such materials/deliverables)?
B. Will there be any restrictions (on you or the client) in connection with use of delivered materials?
C. Will any third party materials appear in the deliverables? If so, who is responsible for 'clearing' use of such third party materials?

6. Credit

A. Will you be credited in connection with providing and completing the services?

7. Termination and Exclusivity

A. Can either party terminate for no reason? If so, what is the notice period required?
B. What is the consequence of termination (i.e. does termination trigger any obligations to pay further sums or deliver materials)?
C. Will you or the client be subject to exclusivity or restrictions (e.g. will you be allowed to provide services to others and/or will the client be prevented from engaging others to provide similar services to you)?

8. Special Conditions

A. Are there any special conditions that will apply to you or the client in connection with the arrangement?

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