Full-Time Employment Agreement Checklist


Full-Time Employment Agreements differ based on the complexities of the job description and the kind of company or business.

In the creative and entertainment industries, it’s important to be very clear about the services an employee will be providing as well as specifically addressing Intellectual Property ownership. With full-time employees, there are a number of rights they are entitled to under Fair Work legislation, and it’s important to be clear about these as hiring someone on a full-time permanent basis is a big commitment. Our Full-Time Employment Agreement checklist will help you set out the basics that will form the basis of the contract.

Fill out the checklist below if you’d like our assistance putting together a Full-Time Employment Agreement. Your answers will help us draft a custom Full-Time Employment Agreement to fit your individual needs. If you can’t answer certain questions, you’ll probably need legal advice, so just put ‘I don’t know’ or get in touch!

1. Contract Details

A. What is the name, address and ABN of the Employer?
B. What is the name, address, email and phone number of the Employee?
C. What will be the commencement date of employment?
D. What is the Employer's core business activity (in one sentence)?

2. Employee Services

A. What will be the Employee's Title/Position?
B. Who will be the supervisor?
C. What services will the Employee be providing? Please provide a detailed job description.
D. Are there any specific reporting requirements?
E. Will the Employer own everything created by the Employee?

3. Scope of Employment

A. Will there be a trial or probation period?
B. What is the location/address at which the Employee will need to provide the services (e.g. in the office or from home)?
C. How much resignation/termination notice is needed?
D. What are the usual business hours and scheduled work days the Employee is required to work?

4. Salary, Equipment and Expenses

A. What is the Employee's Salary (inclusive of superannuation)?
B. When will payments be made to the Employee (e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly)?
C. Does the Employee need to provide any specific equipment owned by them (e.g. computer, phone, camera or software) in connection with the provision of the services?
D. Will the Employee be given any specific equipment to complete the services? If so, please provide details.
E. What allowances or pre-approved reimbursements for work-related expenses (if any) will the Employee be entitled to?
F. Will the Employee regularly be required to travel? If so, how will travel expenses be managed?

5. Leave and Overtime

A. What conditions will apply to the Employee's annual leave entitlement (e.g. cap on accrual, forced leave over the Christmas/New Year period)?
B. Will the Employee be required to provide services after hours, on public holidays and/or on weekends?
C. Will there be agreed 'overtime' payment for work completed outside of the agreed work hours?

6. Exclusivity/Non-Solicitation

A. Will the Employee be prohibited from providing services to a competitor during or immediately after the term of employment? If so, what restrictions are required?

7. Special Conditions

A. Is there anything unusual about the employment relationship or the Employee which should be addressed in the Employment Agreement?
B. Are there any special conditions that will apply to the Employment Agreement (e.g. unusual intellectual property ownership arrangements, share scheme arrangements, bonus structures or commissions)?

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