Photography Services Agreement Checklist


A Photography Services Agreement covers important terms between a photographer and a client, including payment, delivery, copyright ownership and general responsibilities.

If you’re working as a photographer it’s wise to have a Photography Services Agreement in place before any work is commenced, to avoid potential disagreements down the track. The checklist below will help you determine what you need to include in your Photography Services Agreement. If you'd like us to draft a Photography Services Agreement for you to fit your particular needs, submit your answers to the checklist questions. If you can’t answer certain questions, you’ll probably need legal advice, so just put ‘I don’t know’ and we can help you out!

1. Business Activities and Parties to Contract

A. What is your core business activity or client service offering (one sentence summary)?
B. What is your or your business' legal name, address and ABN or ACN?
C. What is the title, ABN, street address, email and contact name of the client?
D. What is the name and description of the project or event?

2. Services

A. What services will you be providing to the client? Be reasonably specific.
B. When and where will the services be provided?
C. Will you need any specific insurances, permits and/or licences?

3. Deliverables and Delivery Date

A. What is to be delivered (e.g. hard copies and digital files, quantity, etc)?
B. When must the Deliverables be delivered? If a delivery schedule is required, please provide key dates or time frames for delivery.
C. Are there any requirements or specifications for the deliverables (e.g. any formatting or technical specifications)?

4. Fee, Payment Schedule and Expenses

A. What will be the fee/retainer and/or how will the fee/retainer be calculated?
B. When will payment(s) be made (e.g. 50% on signing and 50% on delivery, etc)?
C. Will any expenses be reimbursed or covered by the client?
D. Will further fees, costs or rates be charged for any additional services? If so, provide a rate card.

5. Ownership, Control and Exclusivity

A. Who will own and control the photos?
B. Will there be any restrictions or specifications regarding use of the photos (e.g. limitation on authorised use by the client even if the client owns the photos)?
C. Will either party be subject to any exclusivity or restriction requirements?

6. Credit

A. Will the photographer be credited in connection with the use of the photos? If so, under what circumstances?

7. Termination and Cancellation

A. Under what circumstances (if any) can either party terminate the agreement?
B. How much notice is required from either party to terminate/cancel the agreement?
C. In the event of termination or cancellation, what is the cancellation fee and/or how is it calculated?

8. Special Conditions

A. Are there any special conditions which will apply to the arrangement?

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