Session Musician (for recordings) Agreement Checklist


When hiring session musicians for recording sessions, a Session Musician (For Recordings) Agreement is needed to confirm the terms of the engagement.

This checklist will help you address the key issues that should be set out in writing when hiring or working as a session musician for a recording. Submit your answers to the questions in this checklist to help you decide what terms to include in a Session Musician (For Recordings) Agreement, and we can draft the contract for you. If you can’t answer certain questions, you’ll probably need legal advice, so just put ‘I don’t know’ or get in touch!

1. Parties to the Contract

A. What is the name, address and ABN of the Session Musician?
B. Who is engaging the Session Musician (e.g. a company, producer, label or the band/artist themselves)?
C. What is the address and ABN of the person, artist or people in the band engaging the Session Musician?
D. What is the name, email and telephone of the Contact Person from the band, artist or company overseeing and arranging all details in connection with the recording session?

2. Recording Details

A. What is the name of the band or artist the Session Musician is recording for?
B. What are the dates and times the Session Musician is required?
C. What is the name and address of the recording studio or venue?

3. Fees and Expenses

A. What fee (if any) will the Session Musician be paid?
B. When will the Fee be paid (e.g. in instalments or after the session(s))?
C. Is GST payable?
D. Will the Session Musician be entitled to any royalties or 'points' from the recordings and/or musical works being recorded?
E. Are there any expenses that need to be covered by the person hiring the Session Musician (e.g. flights, transport or accommodation)? If so, what value are they?
F. What insurances (if any) are required to be maintained by either party?
G. Are there any Visa requirements? If so, who will manage the Visa application process?

4. Ownership, Use and Approvals

A. What rights of approval will the Session Musician have (if any) in connection with the recordings or musical works being recorded?
B. What rights, ownership, or licence to use (if any) will the Session Musician get in the recordings or musical works being recorded?

5. Credit

A. What credit (if any) will the Session Musician get in connection with the recordings (provide the exact wording of the credit)?
B. Will there be any specific requirements for placement of the credit? If so, what are those requirements?

6. Cancellation/Termination

A. What rights do each party have to terminate?
B. How much cancellation notice is needed by either party?

7. Special Conditions

A. Are there any special conditions that relate to the engagement?

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