Visual Art, Fashion and Photography

We operate at the nexus between visual art and commercial and legal issues.

Visual Art, Fashion and Photography

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Creative Lawyers help artists and creators with protecting and commercialising their work, including assisting with licensing, infringement, protection, ownership, acquisition, sale, commissioning and ‘fair use’ matters.  Our experience in the industry means we can also assist clients who wish to acquire, commission, licence or otherwise use artwork, photographs and other visual materials.

We also advise our clients on brand protection and help our clients navigate global counterfeit (or ‘knock-off’) issues with artworks, designs and commercial products, including in connection with the manufacture, wholesale, retail and marketing of knock-off products.


  • Acting for clients on large government artwork commissioning agreements
  • Representing global designers, artists and brands in relation to counterfeit products, takedown notices and intellectual property infringement
  • Advising clients on intellectual property protection, licensing and commercialisation
  • Drafting and providing photography agreements for various specific circumstances


  • Artwork Commission Agreements
  • Artwork and Photograph Licences
  • Photography Services Agreements
  • Take Down Notices
  • Copyright Infringement Letters of Demand
  • Artwork Purchase Agreements
  • Gallery Representation Agreements
  • Artwork Loan Agreements
  • Studio Hire Agreements
  • Trade Mark Registrations
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Need a contract drafted? Our checklists will help you get started! Our contract checklists and questionnaires help identify terms and issues to be addressed in agreements, registrations and other legal documents. They also create the most cost-effective method of providing us with the information we need to assist with your legal matters.
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