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We also offer tailored solutions for employment, privacy, productions, IP protection, pitching, talent engagement and more.

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Client Contract Reviews
Contract reviews at fixed fees
When you receive a contract from your client, we will review it for you
Includes a free consultation to workshop key negotiation points and review criteria
Streamline your client contract reviews, save time, and reduce risk
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Kickstarter Contract Packages
Tailored contract packages to suit your business need
Client services agreements, NDAs, employment agreements, contractor agreements, supplier terms, influencer agreements, collaboration agreements and more
Includes a free consultation to discuss your contracting requirements
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Advertising Clearance Reviews
Legal reviews of your campaigns, activations, concepts and projects
We take a commercial, pragmatic approach- it's easy for lawyers to say 'no'. We help you get to 'yes'!
We offer compliance workshops and training to help your teams recognise and address key risks early in the process
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Chain of Title Review & Solicitor’s Opinion Letter

Need a Chain of Title Review or Solicitor’s Opinion Letter? Find our fixed price offers starting from $400 (plus GST) here.

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