Entertainment Visas

Creative Lawyers helps secure entertainment visas for international touring musicians, artists, bands, media, actors, producers, film crew and sporting talent engaged to work in Australia.

Entertainment Visas

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We have a dedicated arm of our firm working solely on immigration advice and securing visas for our clients, headed up by Registered Migration Agent Josh Calligeros, who works exclusively in assisting clients with all aspects of the migration process.

As a law firm working in the creative and entertainment industries, we offer the massive advantage of being able to advise on all legal matters connected with the engagement of (and disputes/complexities with) touring parties and visa applicants, such as contract negotiation, intellectual property protection and acquisition, exclusivity arrangements, ‘no shows’ and legal claims. 

We focus almost entirely on securing 408 Entertainment Visas and have developed a streamlined process with a very high success rate to ensure a smooth experience for our clients in line with Creative Lawyers overall offering as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for entertainment business.

Creative Lawyers can assist with single visas for individuals, or work on a suite of visas for bands, festivals, events, large productions or other groups.


  • Working with large industry bodies to secure visas and performance arrangements with international superstars
  • Securing various visas for A-list hollywood actors and entourage
  • Working with local festivals to tour bands and artists of varying notoriety
  • Working with production companies to recruit specialist international assistance for film production work
  • Working with clients to overcome complexities and initial rejections to secure passage for talent to enter Australia
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Need a contract drafted? Our checklists will help you get started! Our contract checklists and questionnaires help identify terms and issues to be addressed in agreements, registrations and other legal documents. They also create the most cost-effective method of providing us with the information we need to assist with your legal matters.