Film, TV and Online Content

Creative Lawyers act across the spectrum for all participants in the film, TV, content and screen industries, including producers, broadcasters, distributors, investors, financiers, actors, directors, creators, managers, agents, performers, crew, film festivals, industry organisations and governing bodies.

Film, TV and Online Content

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We advise on all stages of our clients’ film, TV, content and screen projects, including development, pre-production, production, distribution, financing and promotion.

We work on projects of all shapes and sizes, from co-development deals between independent producers, to large budget production work with studios and multinational production companies. We recognise the different needs and priorities of our clients.

Creative Lawyers also offers efficient and cost-effective solutions for chain of title reviews and opinion letters. You can read more about our 'chain of title packages'.


  • Acting for a Government film funding body on film and TV investments
  • Acting for a major financier across its full slate of productions
  • Acting for international production companies and distributors of TV shows and feature films
  • Representing high-profile talent on contract negotiation and disputes
  • Advising on brand partnerships and merchandising arrangements


  • Co-Production Agreements
  • Book Option Agreements
  • Script Option Agreements
  • Script Writer Agreements
  • Production Investment Agreements
  • Producer Services Agreements
  • Director Agreements
  • Crew Agreements
  • Cast, Talent and Actor Agreements
  • Music Licences
  • Composer Commission Agreements
  • Post-Production Services Agreements
  • Writers Room Agreements
  • Cinematographer and Director of Photography (DOP) Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Offset Loan Agreements
  • Interview Release Agreements
  • Life Rights Agreements
  • Talent Releases
  • Solicitors Opinion Letters
  • Clearance Procedure Letters
  • Confidentiality Deeds and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Location Releases
  • Sponsorship and Endorsement Agreements
  • Product Placement Agreements
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