Creative Lawyers has decades of experience advising clients in the music industry. We understand the distinct and complex issues that arise in the industry and how best to manage and protect our clients’ interests.


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From developing artists to composers, record labels, publishing companies, synchronisation agents and everyone in between, Creative Lawyers provide specialist advice on all elements of the music business. Our personal experience as musicians, artists and managers means we are uniquely placed to provide commercial, practical and strategic advice for all in the music industry.

Creative Lawyers regularly advise recording artists, producers, vocalists, booking agents, managers, songwriters, composers, record labels, distributors, publishers, composing houses, synch agents, festival & event organisers and recording studios.


  • Negotiating Major Label Recording Agreements for breakthrough artists
  • Negotiating Publishing Agreements with majors and independent publishers for established and emerging songwriters and composers
  • Advising on song-writing claims on major label releases
  • Drafting producer agreements to secure reasonable commercial terms for both producers and artists
  • Advising on sound-alike concerns
  • Managing leaving band member claims
  • Negotiating management termination matters


  • Recording Agreements
  • Publishing Agreements (including publishing administration agreements)
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Music Producer Agreements
  • Co-Writer Agreements
  • Remix Agreements
  • Feature Artist Agreements
  • Band Partnership Agreements
  • Master Synchronisation Licences
  • Music Synchronisation Licences
  • Master Licences
  • Music Licensing Agreements
  • Session Musician Agreements
  • Engineer and Mixing Agreements
  • Booking Agreements
  • Booking Agent Agreements
  • Live Performance Agreements
  • Venue Hire Agreements
  • Sponsorship, Endorsement and/or Ambassador Agreements
  • Neighbouring Rights Agreement
  • Merchandise Agreements
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Need a contract drafted? Our checklists will help you get started! Our contract checklists and questionnaires help identify terms and issues to be addressed in agreements, registrations and other legal documents. They also create the most cost-effective method of providing us with the information we need to assist with your legal matters.